To Mr. Jon Dean

I had no intention of offending anyone when I designed these web pages. I was trying to say what was in my heart after the events of 9/11.

If my patriotism offends anyone, I will not apologize for that because that is the way I felt then and that is the way I feel today.

These pictures and words were all meant to make people smile. To cope. If anyone in another country got the wrong image of us because of this, that's too bad.

We are Americans. We smile in the face of evil. You knock us down, we WILL get back up again. As far as religion entering into the picture, these pages were put together, tongue-in-cheek and any mention of God was purely coincidental.

"In God We Trust is our national motto". It is on our money. We use God's name in many different ways. It is not some Christian, right wing slogan. My web pages have nothing to do with religion.

I do not get paid for any of these pages. I do them mainly because I can. I have been forced to retire because I have Multiple Sclerosis and cannot walk very well.

If I have brought a smile to a few peoples faces then I have succeeded. Any pictures of missiles being launched or bombs being dropped were not my affirmations to war. They were simply for effect.

And no, I didn't want a war. I believe in certain instances there can be alternatives to war. But if our president and congress chose war then I will support them 100%. I have two sons in the United States Navy. They do not want war either. But if they get the call then they will go where they are needed.

I will agree with you on one part for sure. I will do my part to remove Bush next time around. It has nothing to do with the war. THIS will be political!


Ronald R. Burgess Sr.